Finding Love & Mercy: How to Choose a Husband that will take you by the hand to Jannah (in sha Allah)
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Here's your invitation to join my special
Reviving Relationships Mentorship program:

Join This Exciting Program and Get Insightful and Practical Doses of Relationship Success Principles each Month through Phone, Internet and Print.

You can definitely increase your likelihood of a successful and happy relationship in sha Allah when you become a member of this dynamic community of members who are striving for a beautiful and satisfying relationship with their potential or current spouse.

Assalamu alaikum,

My Reviving Relationships Mentorship program is a special members' group I've set up to provide ongoing information, support and motivation to people who want to increase their satisfaction and happiness in their relationships, especially when it comes to your potential or current spouse.

Alhamdullilah after the most recent Finding Love & Mercy Online Course that we delivered on choosing your ideal partner, the one who will take you by the hand to jannah in sha Allah, and be your source of love and mercy, we have had a lot of interest in continuing to offer programs that empower people to achieve their vision of a blissful marriage.

So whether you enrolled in our course and want more, or you did not get a chance to enrol, but want smaller, more regular, and more affordable doses of important relationship success principles, then I invite you to join us in sha Allah in our Reviving Relationships Mentorship program.

Whether you are single or married, our variety of topics will be not only helpful, but instrumental and essential in sha Allah when it comes to having a healthy relationship with your spouse.

When you join our Exciting Reviving Relationships Mentorship program, You Will:

  • Feel more confident through receiving regular expert advice on how to improve your relationships
  • Set realistic and measurable goals that enable you to resolve conflict in your relationship and become closer to those who matter most to you
  • Be more Appreciated by those around you by taking a series of small steps that lead to a better relationship
  • Have more success and fulfillment in your relationships
  • Manage your relationships more effectively through becoming organized and knowledgeable
  • Receive more admiration and respect by discovering that changing other people's behaviours can be a result of small, powerful changes in your behaviour
  • Feel empowered by learning new skills that could really transform your relationships
  • Be valued and treated with respect by relationship success experts that are here for your personal growth and success
  • Be supported by an entire community of people that want to have satisfying and fulfilling relationships

Here's What You get Get When You Join Us


Live Monthly Session with Raghad Ebied and other Relationship Success Experts

Each month's session will provide you with insightful, practical and concrete steps on building or improving a particular area in your relationships. The information shared is based on years of study on my part and a great financial investment in education, certifications and training alhamdullilah. This makes it possible for me to deliver to you the ideas and techniques that you need to know right now to have the marriage of your dreams in sha Allah.

Here are just a few of the topics we'll be covering in 2011 in sha Allah:

  • The 15 Rules of Good Communication (June, 2011)
  • 10 Secrets to Selecting a Soul Mate (July, 2011)
  • The Healthy Balance: Assertiveness
  • The 10 Secrets of Happiness in a Relationship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Active Listening
  • The Five Languages of Love
  • Top 10 Relationship Attitudes
  • Emotional Intelligence


Monthly Study Guide to Guarantee Implementation

Each month you'll also receive a Study Guide for each topic we discuss which will provide you with all of the key information you need to follow and implement the relationship success principles in sha Allah. This will encourage you to take action quicker and enable you to review the principles frequently, whenever needed.


Online Networking Forum

  • In between calls, you'll be able to connect and network with me and other members via my online Reviving Relationships Mentorship Forum.
  • We all know that we are influenced by the company we keep and people around us, so it's important to surround yourself with people who strive for the same goals as you in sha Allah.
  • You'll get support, encouragement and extra insight from other members in sha Allah - whatever relationship challenge you are facing right now, there's a good chance that another member has the answer.
  • You'll have INSTANT ACCESS to this private members area as soon as you register.


Unlimited Access to Previous Trainings

  • Unlimited Access to the last 90 days of training we have done in the program


Special Invitation and Discounts to Future Programs

  • You will have special invitations and discounts to my future programs pertaining to Finding Love & Mercy Insha Allah

So how much does all this cost?

If you remember, the latest course I offered was valued at $247; however, my main motivation with this program is to help as many people out there with their relationship success by providing them with valuable resources, strategies and techniques that really work.

When I think about all of the singles and couples out there that are longing for that truly blissful marriage that provides them with love, mercy, happiness and security, and knowing that by simply gaining access to some insightful and practical relationship success principles, they could really turn their life around and live that beautiful vision, I want to share these principles with as many people as possible.

I really feel that this is the time in sha Allah to revolutionize our relationships and marriages, to empower people to be happier and more fulfilled and now I want to put this vital know-how into YOUR hands, in sha Allah.

That's why I'm offering this unique program at just $27.00 per month. And once again I am making it this affordable because I would like to reach out to as many people as possible. One-on-one marriage coaching or counselling not only costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, but may come after a lot of hurt, resentment and disappointment. So it is my hope to equip people with the important relationship success principles they need to find happiness and fulfillment.

And you won't be obligated in any way because there is no minimum monthly commitment.

So, are you ready to take YOUR relationships to the next level in sha Allah? If the answer is YES, then choose ONE of the following:

'Pay as you go' at just $27.00 a month (no minimum commitment, cancel at any time)


(BEST DEAL) Join for twelve months and pay $270

So, you decide. Is this the year you FINALLY master the relationship success principles that will empower you to achieve your vision of the beautiful marriage you've always wanted?

In just a few short months from now YOU could be the one in sha Allah sharing a beautiful marriage with a spouse that is your true source of love, mercy, and happiness, and marvelling at how far you have come. Start today in sha Allah.

So register now, join the Reviving Relationships Revolution and be on your way to a beautiful fulfilling relationship with your potential or current spouse in sha Allah. (And other people in your life too for that matter).

All the best always,

Raghad Ebied

Certified Teacher, Trainer, and Life Coach

Certified P.I.C.K a Partner Instructor

Graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute Relationship Coaching Program