Finding Love & Mercy: How to Choose a Husband that will take you by the hand to Jannah (in sha Allah)
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Attention: Muslim Sisters who are looking to understand how to select a husband that will bring them true love, mercy, and happiness both in this world and in the next insha' Allah.

"Choosing a Husband
who will take you by the hand to Jannah,
in sha Allah "

You CAN find your soul mate in sha Allah - You CAN Live Your Vision of a Blissful Marriage!

It's ALL within reach when you step up and learn all about how to choose your most ideal husband, - and I'll show you how in sha Allah, with my 'Finding Love & Mercy' E-Course.

From The Desk of Raghad Ebied
Certified Teacher, Trainer, and Coach
Certified P.I.C.K a Partner Instructor (Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge)
Graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute Relationship Coaching Program

Assalamu alaikum Dear Sister,

Many people will spend months and sometimes even years preparing for a wedding that will last for a few hours, not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars invested as well. But how many people actually prepare for marriage itself, which could last a lifetime, by ensuring they have selected the most suitable partner, based on the criteria set out by the Quran and Sunnah and the advice of experts in the field of forming healthy relationships that lead to successful marriages?

Unfortunately, it seems like we are facing a crisis as the rate of singles, the average age of marriage, as well as the rate of divorce have all increased in our Muslim community. It is especially alarming that the rate of divorce has increased in the first year or two of marriage, indicating the couple may have lacked in-depth knowledge of the personality and life style of each other before the marriage was completed. The consequences of a poor choice of marriage partner and marital dissatisfaction are indeed far-reaching and have been correlated to higher rates of depression, lowered physical health and poor worker production, may Allah protect all of us from these negative consequences.

Having said that, please take a few moments to consider what you really want. Consider an ideal spouse. What are the characteristics that you want them to have? What does Islam say about choosing a spouse? How do you want your married life to be like?

Raghad Ebied
Certified P.I.C.K a Partner Instructor
(Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge)
Certified Teacher, Trainer, and Coach
Graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute Relationship Coaching Program

Did you think about it?

I hope so - and I hope you're looking forward to it, because a blissful marriage IS possible, and my Finding Love & Mercy Home Study Online Course can teach you how in sha Allah.

What I stand for is having a happy blissful marriage with a husband that is a true source of love and mercy.

This IS possible for you - a marriage where you are fulfilled, where you share beautiful times together, and where you find tranquility, just as Allah (SwT) tells us in the Quran: "And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts). Verily in that are Signs for those who reflect" (30: 21).

That destination is within your reach ... as long as you have a plan for getting there - a roadmap based on precise information about who you are, when you're ready for marriage, what you're looking for in a husband, and how to go about choosing a husband that corresponds to your criteria and will make an excellent life partner in sha Allah, based upon guidance from the Quran and Sunnah, and the advice of relationship experts on essential characteristics in a partner that are important for building and maintaining a healthy marriage.

This information is absolutely critical to the success of your marriage. Your ability to recognize the predictors of a happy marriage in a husband and have a roadmap that you can follow so you can attain your goals in picking a husband WILL change your life and get you to the destination you crave, in sha Allah. Alhamdullilah, it has worked for me - and I have helped others with this most important decision too.

Maybe some will say that it does not have to be that complicated; however, I believe that when it comes to making a life changing decision like this, that collecting as much information as you can, and seeking as much insight, guidance and mentoring is a must. Yes, indeed our parents and grandparents got married and may not have had to do much planning; however, in most cases our dear parents married from the same families or from the same small town they lived in. Today we have people marrying from halfway across the world and we live in a completely different society than our dear parents did. We have the influences of a much more open society that include TV, internet, education, work, etc. and therefore there are many more factors that shape people’s backgrounds, personalities, and values. Moreover, there is now an increased interest amongst singles in the quality of a marriage relationship.

As such, there needs to be a process that enables one to evaluate the compatibility of the other spouse objectively and within Islamic guidelines, before the marriage is completed.

THIS is a matter of choosing your Husband - the person who you will spend most of your time with; give your love and energy to. He will be the father of your children and your companion on the path to jannah in sha Allah.

NOTHING else has the potential to effectively improve the quality of your life, your work, your health, your faith, your children, your entire world and hereafter as your life partner, your husband. Imagine the security and confidence you'll feel as you build the foundation of your relationship with your potential husband in a correct way that contributes to a happy everlasting marriage in sha Allah.

I feel blessed alhamdullilah that I learned early on how powerful this expertise can be. Mastering the ability to identify your vision for your marriage and choosing a husband that will support you with that vision, is the ultimate guarantee for a happy marriage, after of course, the will of Allah.

You will need a plan to guide you to know what a prospect really will be like as a husband, to stay emotionally safe while the relationship is growing, and to make healthy choices that will lead to a fulfilling marriage.

Without a plan for building a safe relationship and determining the true character of the partner you picked, you can easily find your emotional immune system compromised and your vulnerability to unhealthy relationships heightened.

This course will show you how to follow your heart without losing your mind. Most people conclude within a relatively short time that they really know the other person, and consequently they shut their investigative eyes. There is a world of difference between feeling you know someone and truly knowing that person.

These are the rewards of learning and implementing this valuable information in sha Alla - having a husband that:

  • Will bring you closer to Allah
  • Is your best friend and companion
  • Brings you true love, mercy and tranquility
  • Will support you on the path to jannah
  • Cares about you and the people you love and the things you love to do
  • Will love you and be patient, caring, and understanding with you in easy and difficult times
  • Will be the best father to your children
  • Will work with you for the betterment of this nation and for the world
  • You will enjoy the simple but beautiful things in life with
  • Will help you be a better person
  • You will grow old and happy with

Seeing all of the benefits that my sisters can reap from this information has inspired me to develop this e-course that will teach, guide, and mentor you to achieve this beautiful way of life through selecting a suitable husband, in sha Allah.

So, in sha Allah my intent with this e-course is to bring you happiness both in this world and in the next.

This is what sisters have said about the course when I offered it last time:

"Raghad is a unique, exceptional speaker and absolutely real. She put her heart and soul into connecting with every participant which shows her keen interest in helping others. Raghad used an impressive combination of her real-life experience and her Islamic knowledge to define the purpose and vision of an Islamic marriage. Her material was prepared with love, humor, and incredible wisdom. In particular, Raghad highlighted practical strategies to evaluate a righteous husband and emphasized the stages of a successful Islamic marriage. Overall, this workshop was a stepping stone for creating a long, lasting, happy, Islamic, blissful marriage."

Muna, 25, London ON

"The Finding Love and Mercy workshop was an informative and self reflective experience for me. It was something I wish I had attended prior to getting married. I would highly recommend this workshop by Raghad to those sisters who are at the stage of their life where they are ready to consider marriage or just want to know what to expect when expecting to get married. Raghad has an innovative and creative approach to the process of getting married, that suits our modern times, yet supports it with authentic Qura'an and Hadith sources and teachings."

Zari, 27, London ON

"The workshop was highly informative, and also reassuring for someone like me who finds Islamic marriage somewhat of a daunting process. And that includes: finding a potential husband, followed by the marriage contract, wedding and then actually managing to live together in a happy marriage. You covered all these issues very well, and I paricularly loved reading all the different articles. Coming from a different culture, I've always been concerned that my marriage won't be like my parents - with fun, humour and great deals of love. But yesterday, I learned that all of this is possible. So thank you so much. You've given me confidence in the area of Islam that has worried me the most since my conversion."

Meaghan, 20, Ottawa, ON

"Raghad has made us aware of our goals by envisioning and being true to ourselves, and prioritizing our standards when it comes to choosing a life partner- for life. Although the topic maybe distant for some, it has nevertheless strengthened our long term goals on how we Muslim girls want our homes to look like in the future... I decided after this workshop that my home, more than anything, has to be based on the Islamic bases of love in Allah, mercy and mutual respect. The easy casual atmosphere of the workshop made it easier for the girls to interact and voice their opinions and questions. The topic has rarely been given much attention despite it utmost importance. I hope more workshops are conducted that reach out for youth and young adults and assist them in becoming more effective and successful individuals."

Mozynah, 20, Ottawa, ON

Every one of the benefits I've listed above can in sha Allah come from following the information and plan that I am ready to share with you when it comes to choosing a suitable husband.

Imagine NEVER again feeling confused about what you want in a husband and knowing exactly how to seek out the qualities you are looking for and that will match with your background, personality, and values.

You will not regret refusing a proposal and in sha Allah you won't regret your decision when you have found "The one" because you based your decision on an Islamic, well researched process.

So let me share with you what that process is. It's a plan for ensuring that you are selecting the most suitable husband by understanding the process and nature of marriage in Islam, identifying your readiness for marriage, deciding on the most important criteria for you in a husband, and then following a series of steps that enables you to know if the person you are considering will make an excellent husband and lead you to have a fulfilling, blissful marriage.

You may already know some of these steps. You may even have completed some of them. But you need ALL of them to succeed in sha Allah.

That's where my strategy comes in: without following each of the steps in this strategy, you MAY be able to choose a husband that fits your criteria and that you are happy with.

But if you want to definitely increase your likelihood in sha Allah of selecting the most suitable partner which will have a direct impact on the quality of your marriage - if you want to ensure in sha Allah that you have selected someone whom you will be happy with for a lifetime, then I invite you to join me in learning this strategy and applying every step.

It's not too early or too late. Perhaps you will have a proposal knocking tomorrow at your door or perhaps you have already been married before and are now separated.

You can discover the steps you've been missing and finally achieve the blissful marriage that you've dreamed of in sha Allah.

I've created an easy-to-follow, easy-to-use program that walks you through, step-by- step, my proven strategy for how to select your most ideal husband, the 'man of your dreams', the one who will in sha Allah take you by the hand to jannah. That's good news, right?

It gets even better.

This strategy works for ALL types of people, regardless of culture, ethnicity, age, or experience because it is based on the Quran, Sunnah, as well as academic research on choosing a suitable husband by forming healthy relationships and forecasting happy marriages.

This is what you've been looking for - it's the guidance, support, and mentoring you can have, from a sister, that has been through the experience, and helped others too, so you can choose your most ideal husband, in sha Allah.

Introducing "Finding Love and Mercy"

This is my proven strategy for choosing your most ideal husband.

And so you don't have to spend years of regret and pain over choosing the wrong husband and potentially losing money in the process, you'll learn my working, proven strategy that cover the following:

Part I: Finding Love & Mercy Course

  • An understanding of the Islamic objectives and description of marriage
    • BONUS: A list of all the verses and ahadith that describe marriage
  • A vision of what you'd like your marriage to look like
    • BONUS: A sample vision of a blissful marriage in Islam
  • How to Evaluate Your Readiness for Marriage
    • BONUS: A simple and quick tool to evaluate different aspects in your life prior to marriage
  • How to Avoid the Top Three Mistakes Sisters make in the marriage process
  • The Two Most Important Criteria to look for in a husband according to Islam
  • The Process of Engagement: Steps to Take and Do's and Don'ts in Islam
    • BONUS: A List of Questions that you can ask your prospective partner
  • The 10 Conversations You Must Have Before Getting Married (and how to have them)
  • The Conditions of the Marital Contract
  • The role of Istikhara Prayer and Consultation
  • The Importance of your Parent's Approval and How to Get it

Part II: The P.I.C.K a Partner Course (Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge)

  • How to identify and overcome Unhealthy Relationship Patterns you may have that would jeopardize your choice of a partner and your role as a partner too
  • The four steps to change those unhealthy relationship patterns
  • The three identifying features of an unsuitable husband
  • How much time you need and how to truly get to know your potential partner (The three T's)
  • How to seek out the five predictors of a happy marriage in a husband
  • How to assess your potential husband's compatibility
  • How to Get to know the skills for building and maintaining relationships
  • Getting to Know the Patterns of Other Relationships in your potential husband
  • Getting to Know the Patterns of a Family Background
  • Getting to Know the Patterns of the Conscience (ie: character, religiosity)
  • How to arrive at trusting your partner
  • How to ensure your partner meets your needs
  • The three strands of commitment

This Easy-To-Follow Plan Will Change Your Life For The Better, Forever - In sha Allah

When You Order the Home Study Online Version of the Finding Love & Mercy: Choosing a Husband that will take you by the hand to jannah Program, You'll Receive:

1. FIVE 90 MINUTE MP3's that walk you through my complete Finding Love and Mercy Curriculum and the P.I.C.K a Partner Course, step by step.

2. A 37 PAGE COURSE MANUAL that helps you follow along, best retain what you learn, and includes practical exercises, self-reflection questions, and valuable information and resources.

3. DIGITAL COVER ARTWORK so you can create your own "Finding Love and Mercy" binder at home and neatly organize all your information for the course

4. EMAIL ACCESS to sister Raghad Ebied to answer any of your questions for up to three times within 15 days from the purchase of your course.

You will also receive these amazing bonuses:

BONUS #1: 90 MINUTE MP3 where I provide you with information on how to have a beautiful and affordable Wedding and Honeymoon (this could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in sha Allah) as well as important information about the Wedding Night and marital intimacy.

BONUS #2: FREE ACCESS to recordings of Reviving Relationships Mentorship Program which includes valuable information on secrets to happiness, effective communication, stages of marriage, dealing with difficult situations, and more (This by itself is over $50 of value).

Alhamdullilah, I am humbled that as far as I know, there is no other sister that is a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Teacher offering this sort of information in a clear, easy to follow, well researched format, that you can access anywhere from the world, at any time, and continue to use at your convenience.

The value of the online course when I offered it LIVE was $247; however, I am now offering the home study version for only $97!.

When you think of how important the decision of choosing a husband is, I know you will understand how important it is to make this investment. Think about the typical cost of a:

1) Wedding: $10,000 (And this is considered conservative - not to mention other possible parties along the way like the Engagement and Nikah)

2) Wedding dress: $500 - $2000

3) Bride clothes and accessories: $1000 - $5000

4) Honeymoon: $1000 - $10,000

5) Preparing a Home: $10,000

6) Unsuitable Choice of a Partner, Divorce and Heartbreak (God forbid): Unknown amounts of time, money, energy, tears, lost hopes and dreams, disappointment, anger, regret, resentment

So as you can see people can spend anywhere from $20,000 - $40,000 in the process of getting married, and although as a Muslim sister, you may not have to incur the financial costs, the biggest cost to you is your emotions and your time. On the other hand, a suitable choice of a partner, and the resulting love, mercy, and happy blissful marriage, is absolutely Priceless. That's why I believe that an investment of $97 is certainly worth it. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether this investment is right for you. Please feel free to visit our FAQ section below which could answer some of the questions you’re wondering about.

So, are you ready to order -
and learn how to Find Love and Mercy, in sha Allah?

Yes, Raghad, sign me up!

I'm ready to learn how to Find Love and Mercy! I can't wait to learn how to choose the husband that will take me by the hand to jannah in sha Allah and help me build a happy blissful marriage.

Yes, I would like to order the online version of the "Finding Love & Mercy Premarital Course"

(One payment of $97)

Remember, it IS possible - you CAN find true love and mercy, and it IS within your reach, in sha Allah. When you enroll in this course, you will master the steps towards choosing your most ideal husband in sha Allah and be on your way to happy blissful marriage.

All the best always,

Raghad Ebied

P.S. Why wait? Order Finding Love and Mercy now and get on the fast track to learning how to choose your most ideal husband and build the beautiful blissful marriage you have always dreamed of. I would be honoured if you allowed me to be a part of that journey with you in sha Allah. Order now by selecting one of the payment buttons above.

P.P.S. You are completely protected by my 100% money back guarantee – if, after the completion of the e-course, you aren’t satisfied, I will be glad to offer you a full refund.

Got Questions? Ask any question you have about Finding Love and Mercy and we'll help you decide if it's right for you. Contact us here

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I still have not had any or many proposals or thought seriously about marriage - why would I take this now?

If you have neared or reached your early twenties, then I believe this is a very important course for you to learn from because it will provide you with the proper foundation, knowledge, and roadmap to follow once you start receiving proposals, which could happen anytime, including tomorrow, or start to think more seriously about marriage. Additionally, by enrolling in the course, you will have unlimited access to the audios and resources through downloading them so that you may use them whenever you wish.

2) I have already been married and don't believe I could find my most ideal husband who will give me the love and mercy I was looking for

Experiencing a separation is no doubt a difficult experience that will need time to heal. However, as mentioned, this course will take you step by step to choosing a suitable husband that will bring you true love and mercy by explaining the process from both an Islamic perspective and an academic research perspective when it comes to choosing a suitable partner based on predictors of a happy marriage.

3) I think I already know all there is to know

You may certainly know some of this information; however, alhamdullilah, this course has brought together an abundance of Islamic and Practical knowledge, experience, and insight when it comes to choosing a suitable husband. It includes guidance from the Quran and Sunnah as well as the teaching of a method that is based on thousands of research studies conducted upon happily married couples and that has been implemented by thousands of singles when it comes to choosing a partner. Also, please feel free to refer back to the section above that explains all of what will be covered in the course in sha Allah.

4) Do I really need to know all of this to select a suitable husband? Doesn't this seem too complicated?

You may be able to go ahead and choose a suitable partner without knowing all of this; however, you will be taking a chance. When it comes to making a life changing decision like this, I personally believe that collecting as much information as you can, and seeking as much insight, guidance and mentoring is a must. After all, we are talking about choosing the person that you will spend the rest of your life and hereafter with, the person you will wake up next to everyday, the person you will give your heart and your love, the man that will be the father of your children in sha Allah, the person who can be your key to jannah. There is obviously so much that rests upon this one decision you make that it needs to be a very well thought out approach. Once again thought, it is entirely up to you. Only you are responsible for the decisions you make and I wish you all the best always.

5) This seems to be a big time commitment for me now.

Please refer to the statement above in answer number four. In addition to that, if you don`t believe you have the time now, this is the beauty of an online course that allows you to download audios and worksheets such that you can use them at your own pace, whenever you wish.

6) I am not sure if it's worth the investment.

Please refer to the statement above in answer number four once again and remember that people will typically spend anywhere from $20,000 - $40,000 getting married, not to mention the immeasurable emotional investment. It is entirely up to you to decide whether this decision is important enough for you to invest in.