Finding Love & Mercy: How to Choose a Husband that will take you by the hand to Jannah (in sha Allah)
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Raghad Ebied
Certified P.I.C.K a Partner Instructor
(Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge)
Certified Teacher, Trainer, and Coach
Graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute Relationship Coaching Program
Masters in Educational Leadership

Assalamu alaikum and welcome to our Finding Love and Mercy Homepage.

My name is Raghad Ebied, and my greatest passion is to inspire others to fulfill their goals and experience true fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

I was born and spent the first few years of my life in the Middle East but grew up for the most part in Canada and was blessed alhamdullilah to complete a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education and then continue on the journey of personal development through acquiring certification in Life Coaching, Adults Training, and Relationship Coaching. I have also completed a Masters in Educational Leadership and studies in positive psychology at Stanford University from the United States. Alhamdullilah I have also been blessed to be working with the Muslim community for over 10 years now and being in tune with their innermost challenges and hopes.

My passion for empowering others to achieve their goals and fulfill their greatest potential inspired me to create MuslimaSuccess, which provides personal development, support and inspiration to Muslim women worldwide through articles, videos, online programs and LIVE events, and coaching in order to enable them to achieve excellence in their faith, family, career/contribution, and health and well-being. One of my programs is the "Finding Love and Mercy" Course which aims to enable Muslims, particularly Muslim women, to choose a suitable, righteous Muslim husband - the one who will be their source of love and mercy and take them by the hand to jannah in sha Allah.

Alhamdullilah this Project has been met with much interest from Canada to the United States to the Middle East, Caribbean, and even Singapore. I am truly humbled and honoured that Allah (swt) is enabling me to play a role in the building of healthy and strong Muslim families, which starts with the selection of a suitable spouse.

I am passionate about supporting Muslims in choosing their most ideal spouse because I know that this isn't just a matter of a man and a woman marrying and having children. It is indeed a matter of an entire ummah (nation), because we all know a strong and happy couple means a strong and happy family and therefore a more happy and strong nation and better world in sha Allah.

Therefore, it is my hope that I support Muslims all over the world to find the true love and mercy our spouses can bring, as Allah (swt) so beautifully explains to us in the Quran.

So please make yourself at home - take the time to browse through our free articles or our course page on the entire "Finding Love and Mercy: Choosing a husband who will take you by the hand to Jannah insha Allah" online course which you can order your own copy of at any time and listen to at your convenience and at your own pace.

Wishing you all the best always on your journey to finding love and mercy.


Finding Love & Mercy
Premarital Course

Choosing a husband who will take you by the hand to Jannah

This online course takes you step by step through the marriage process in Islam starting with the objectives and nature of marriage in Islam, to evaluating your readiness for marriage, to how to consider and evaluate a potential husband, the role of the istikhara prayer and finally your parents approval.

Finding Love & Mercy
Post-Marriage Course

Living with the husband who will take you by the hand to jannah

Coming Soon...

Finding Love & Mercy is a Project of Muslim Women Success Coach